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  • Merredin Dam 4
  • Warton Road Subdivision

Water and Wastewater

Design and documentation of pumping stations, water and pressure mains, water reticulation, sewer reticulation and infill sewer projects.

River Engineering have designed a number of Pumping Stations (types 10, 40 and 90) and pressure mains to the Water Corporation standards. One of these pumping stations is for the Shire of Dandaragan and is funded by SuperTowns.

A number of key water mains have been designed upto DN600 in diameter through Caversham and Toodyay. Both of these projects are for the Water Corporation via Developers.

We have also worked on sewer infill projects to achieve a suitable design with consideration into the constructability of such work. This takes into account trees and structures and minimalising impact in the region. Two of the projects have been directly with the Water Corporation for Waroona and Harvey whilst the other project is for the Shire of Dandaragan through the SuperTowns funding.

River Engineering was also involved with reviewing the existing stormwater assets (pumps, pipework and electrics) and a recommendation and priority list for the gradual upgrade of the system.

Hydrology and hydraulics design and the production of Urban and District Water Management Plans is beyond the teams experience at this moment in time, however, it is planned that expertise will be brought into the company through the term of the WALGA panel if River Engineering were to be successful.

Changing of R codes in the metropolitan area are becoming a common occurrence and has an affect on the water and sewer infrastructure. River Engineering have knowledge and experience in designing the future upgrades of such infrastructure including identifying staging and trigger points as well as budget cost estimates for each stage. We have been involved with the City of south Perth and the City of Wanneroo on such projects.


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