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Civil Infrastructure

Design and documentation for various projects from subdivisions to the construction of stormwater dams, and sporting and community facilities.


River Engineering have experience and knowledge of working on many subdivisions incorporating earthworks, retaining walls, roads, pathways, services, drainage, public open spaces, wetlands, etc.. Most of the subdivisions constructed have been for private Developers but this has provided a knowledge base of what the Local Government require for the development.

Other subdivisions we have worked on includes rural and special rural lots which had different road treatments based on the conditions together with design for bridle paths and FESA water storage facilities and access tracks.

Sporting Facilities

River Engineering have had experience and knowledge of designing hockey pitches (synthetic), football ovals, cricket pitches, soccer pitches and a basketball court.

In each of the designs particular emphasis has gone onto the positioning of the ovals/pitches in relation to the sun. Significant Stakeholder input is required to determine the standard of the particular sport which determines the specification level of the sporting facility. For instance the dimensions and quality of the facility needs to be taken into account against the governing body standards together with lux levels of the lighting system for instance.

Drainage and Stormwater Storage

Experience has been gained on working with the Water Corporations main drain systems on various projects including Bennett Springs and Serpentine.

The latest project for the City of Gosnells includes upgrading an existing Water Corporation system and providing a design based on a ‘living stream’ concept which is open to the public. As such, consideration has to be made as to the safety of people around this with respect to grades, stream velocities and the ease of people getting out of the stream if necessary.

River Engineering have also been involved in the design and construction of a 33ML Dam to hold stormwater used for irrigation purposes on the local sporting ovals and POS areas. Significant investigation was performed prior to the dam being design including the salt layer in the ground and the permeability of the ground and its ability to retain water.

The end product was an above ground structure with a plastic liner and evaporation control system which achieved the final of this years stormwater harvesting awards.

Servicing Reports

Provided a servicing report for a Transient Workforce and Industrial subdivision for the Town of Port Hedland. This included the investigation a wastewater treatment system, water and sewer reticulation, underground power (via a sub-consultant), telecommunication and gas. Budget costings were provided to see whether the development was cost effective to pursue to the next stage of the investigation process.

Car Parks and Roads

Design of car parks and internal roads taking into consideration catchment areas for stormwater and a drainage system to cater for varying storm events.

Upgrade of an existing car park with consideration of not only how the new surface will work with the existing drainage system but also the aesthetics of the positioning of parked cars. It was determined that the existing drainage wasn’t suitable for extreme storm events so the design took this into consideration to allow flooding (or storage) on the car park with minimizing the affect to safety and inconvenience to the users.

Aquatic Centres

Upgrading of a 50m and 25m pool (with the assistance of a Pool Consultant) to achieve the new standards within the industry. This was extended to design three separate water treatment facilities to cater for the two existing pools and the zero depth pool which replaced an existing outdated childrens pool.

The treatment systems incorporated water balancing tanks, pumps, sand filters, ultraviolet light disinfection, chlorine gas disinfection, pH balancing dosing system and polishing dosing system. The design also took into account vehicle turning circles for the delivery of the chlorine gas.

Refurbishment of Recreation Facilities

Upgrading of a Recreation Building which included resurfacing of the deck area around the existing pools and grandstand area to comply with the latest slip levels, upgrading of the existing changing room facilities and upgrading of the existing grandstand. This work was achieved by working with an Architect for the design and specification purposes.


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